The Difference Between Having Microsoft 365, and Using 365 To Get Secure and Grow

As technology has advanced, the role IT can play in your business has significantly increased. Correctly utilizing technology solutions can enable you to rapidly grow your business while improving both collaboration and security.

All effective organizations know that achieving a positive Return On Investment (ROI) is good for business, but what about your Return On Technology (ROT)? 

While ROI is typically discussed within a marketing or accounting parameter, businesses should also take the time to calculate this important figure for any technology investments. Whether you are thinking about installing new applications or want to purchase new devices, calculating an ROT can help you to make a more informed decision, which can provide immediate and long-term benefits. 

If you see Microsoft 365 just like any other cost, you’re missing the opportunity to use the investment to improve your business operations.

If adopting Microsoft 365 hasn’t influenced your business, you aren’t getting the best bang for your buck. Here at CSP Networks, we take the time to learn your business inside and out so that we can craft 365 solutions that will give you a return on your investment.  

3 steps to make the most of Microsoft 365 

1. Work with a Technology partner who will configure 365 for your business needs 

Strategic Micorost 365 services include the configuration or optimization of solutions that accelerate collaboration inside and outside your office, address your business’s vulnerabilities, and help you improve operations to achieve your business goals. This approach requires a strong partnership between your IT provider and your company to adapt their approach to your needs.  

Your IT team should be invested in finding technological solutions that improve results for your customers, eliminate weak points in your business operations, and simplify tasks that your team needs to do to deliver your product or service.

2. Recognize the difference between paying for and actually leveraging in Microsoft 365 

The key difference between an IT provider that is focused on selling tech and one that is focused on your business is the emphasis on strategy.  

Any ongoing technology spending without a strategy is simply treading water. Technically this approach works in the short term, but it is also often inefficient and not cost-effective. It won’t create happier customers for your business ot a growing customer base.

For example, instead of blindly signing up a new customer, a strategic IT partner would ask smart questions using their experience and expertise in order to fit a complex solution like Microsoft 365 to the needs of the customer. The process of configuring 365 for security and flexibility, eliminating costly legacy tools, and getting a team up to speed on new options is the right way to leverage Microsoft’s 365.

3. No tool can create value unless you use it

Working with experienced Microsoft 365 experts can help you identify which parts of your existing investment can be used to make your business better. Your communication with customers and partners can be modern and secure, speeding up delivery of great outcomes. Internal accountability and communication can be elevated with the team chat, easy file sharing and editing, and project management tools found inside Micorosft 365.  

If you are seeing slow adoption of Micorosft 365 by your employees you know you need to do more education or training on the tools or configure them to better fit your employee’s needs.  

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