Extended Hardware Warranty FAQ

Learn more about our Extended Hardware Warranty coverage through this list of frequently asked questions. The Extended Hardware Warranty addresses coverage on workstations and servers.

What exactly is extended hardware warranty coverage?

Extended hardware warranty coverage is managed by CSP Networks and is delivered by our service partner, ScalePad. It is instant, easy, and a more affordable way to extend warranty coverage on existing hardware assets.

How do I buy coverage?

Every quarter you will receive a comprehensive Hardware Lifecycle Report (HLR), you will have the option to request a quote to purchase warranty.

Who delivers the service and is responsible to meet the Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

Managed by CSP Networks, our service partner delivers the warranty and guarantees based on our service partner’s SLAs after initial triage.

Available coverage

Currently, our warranty coverage for all hardware assets is available in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

Do you use third-party or OEM parts?

Only 100% genuine OEM parts are utilized. In fact, the replacement parts are still covered our service.

What does a service request look like, and who do I call for service?

You’ll want to start with Help Desk.

What if I have parts in my servers that are not OEM?

If there are non-OEM parts in your server, these specific parts would not be covered under our coverage. However, the rest of the server would be eligible.

Does your coverage include added parts (i.e. hard drives)?


  • Our Server coverage does include added parts, so long as they meet all of the following criteria:
    • We need to be notified of which parts were added when the service request is made, so we know what part to send out
    • They would need to be new, genuine OEM parts, installed following best practices
    • Added parts must be from the same manufacturer as the server
    • The parts must be fully function and up to spec at the time of buying coverage


  • All components in the original workstation are covered by our workstation coverage. After purchase, any parts or components added or upgraded to a workstation are not covered.
    • If an added/upgraded part fails, we can replace it with the part that came with the workstation initially.

Are SATA and/or SSD drives included in the coverage?


  • Yes, SSDs are included so long as they are OEM standard.


  • SSDs are covered if they are original in the machine. Upgraded SSDs are not covered.

Do you cover hardware assets even after the OEM warranty period?

Yes. We offer warranty coverage far beyond an OEM’s suggested end of life. With warranties managed by CSP Networks, you can keep an older server covered for longer. So long as they’re eligible for coverage, you can purchase coverage for them.

If I buy coverage for my 13-year old server, can you guarantee you’ll have the parts available

Absolutely. If you can buy coverage, that means we’ll have the parts available in case your hardware asset requires service.

Our team checks every order to ensure we can provide service for each hardware asset. If there are any issues, we will reach out and keep the communication clear.

My covered hardware assets are being moved to a new office. Are they still under warranty?

In many situations, we are able to accommodate situations like office moves.

a. What you’ll need to do is contact us as soon as possible so that we’re aware and we can communicate this information to our warehouses to ensure they will have stock available close to your new address.

In addition, this way we can notify you of any changes to SLAs and levels of service that may occur with the location change.

b. As long as the office move is less than 1 hour from the original purchase address, we are okay covering the new location. It would be best if you informed us of the updated location upon making a service request.

Do your workstation warranties cover accidental damage such as spills and drops?

No. We only cover all natural hardware failures. Anything resulting from accidental damage won’t be covered. Accidental damage is not included in this warranty.

Are batteries covered for workstations?

Batteries have a natural expiry life and thus fall under the category of consumables. Batteries are excluded from coverage.