CSP Networks Recognized as a MSP Partner of Sophos

CSP Networks Recognized as an MSP Partner of Sophos

CSP Networks is a valued Sophos partner. CSP Networks is committed to partnering with Sophos to provide their customers with simple and proactively managed security.

-Erin Malone Vice President, Channel Sales, Sophos

I’m pleased to tell you that CSP Networks has been awarded “MSP Flex” status with our longtime partner Sophos. This status allows CSP Networks to provide to our customers one complete security solution.  “Complete MSP Security” is a partner program for managed services providers (MSPs) that want to protect customer networks, endpoints, and mobile devices all with a single pane of visibility that is centralized and simplified.

With constant emerging threats and enormous business costs associated with data breaches, this status differentiates us from our competitors with top-of-the-line security services aiming to alleviate any complexities of securing networks.  This translates to a quicker and more robust strategy for ensuring security with our customers infrastructure.

Hackers today are sophisticated and more advanced than ever before.  Hackers are using subtle techniques to compromise businesses to steal confidential data; or they wreak havoc with Phishing attacks or Ransomware that withholds your sensitive data hostage unless you pay to unlock your companies data.

As a Certified Sophos MSP partner, CSP Networks can now provide our customers with better protection with Sophos unique and groundbreaking Security Heartbeat technology that shares threat intelligence in real time across a trusted channel between endpoint and firewall.