3 Microsoft Security Features You Need To Activate

Microsoft 365 has proven itself to be one of the foremost business-level office solutions in the world, regardless of industry. It’s a set of tools that companies and MSPs all over the world utilize and promote—but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, and it doesn’t mean that people have mastered and taken advantage of all its features. Unfortunately, cybersecurity- one of the most important aspects of IT management, is often neglected in most Microsoft 365 implementations. 

We’ve seen several high-profile successful cyberattacks in the past few months. If companies of that size can be hacked, so can your organization—you cannot assume that your standard firewall and antivirus combination will keep you safe. 

Microsoft 365 has a variety of security features that many businesses never activate. Here at CSP we add advanced protection from phishing, ransomware, zero-days, and downtime. Additionally, we provide heightened protection from data loss – like remotely wiping corporate email from a phone accidentally left in a taxi– using our unique Secure+ package– or sophisticated attacks from organized criminals. 

3 Microsoft Security Features You Need To Activate  

  1. Detect Impossible Travel. In an impossible travel scenario, the system detects if logins are being attempted from different geographic locations in a timeframe that you couldn’t physically achieve. e.g. Login attempt in London, and after an hour it’s being attempted again from New York. This is impossible travel, and it’s a major indicator that someone is trying to hack your account. There are tools to detect those things and alert the proper individuals—but again, these are not automatically turned on. You need to set it up specifically. 
  1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)With MFA activated, users are required to validate their login attempt via another system—this could be a text message, a smartphone app, or token. While yes, MFA adds another step to every login, it also adds an impossible step to any hacker or social engineer that manages to get a hold of your password. If they don’t have both your password and your smartphone, they can’t get into your account to cause problems. Sensible recommends always implementing MFA. 
  1. Schedule Regular Back Ups. A major misconception and point of neglect with Microsoft 365 is the assumption that data stored in OneDrive or other Cloud-based solutions are backed up. Microsoft only supplies a short term recycle bin. It is up to you to implement a backup solution. Just because you are working in the cloud does not mean your data is immune from accidental / intentional data loss or corruption. 

How Can We Help?  

CSP Networks is happy to work with you to improve your Microsoft 365 defenses and cybersecurity solutions. We begin by discussing your current environment, and business, before auditing your company for security risks. Once we’ve audited your network and identified your weak points, we can work with you to determine which of our service packages best fits your business’ needs. Whether there’s a certain cybersecurity benchmark you want to hit, or if you need to meet regulatory compliance criteria, we can help you get there. 

If you’re interested, feel free to give us a call; we’re happy to lend our expertise.